• Majid Korang Beheshti
  • Majid Koorang Beheshti

    Born July 6, 1967, Esfahan, Iran

    B.A. Painting from Tehran Azad University


    Photos, Iranian Photographer’s Center 98

    Photos, Afrand Gallery 99

    Photos, Iranian Photographer’s Center 2000

    Photos, Tehran Culture and Art Complex 2000

    Photos, Barg Gallery 2001

    Photos, Isphahan Classic Gallery 2002

    Photos, Iranian Photographer’s Center 2003

    Photos, Iranian Artists House 2003

    Photos and Paintings, Esfahan Museum of Contemporary Art 2004

    Photos, NaqshKhaneh, Esfahan, 2005

    Photos, Inner eye: A Vision Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 2008

    Photos, Inverted Statues, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran 2009

    Photos, Somnambulist, Azad Gallery, Tehran 2010

    Photos, CIT’s NOTEbook, Azad Gallery, Tehran 2012


    Photos, Esfahan Museum of Contemporary Art 2004

    Persian Visions, Iranian Silver, Contemporary Photography from Iran as a touring exhibition in the USA 2005-2006

    Iranian Contemporary Photo Exhibition, FNAC, Mont-Parnasse, France 2005

    Iran.com Iranian Art Today, Freiburg Museum of Contemporary Arts, Germany 2006-2007

    Iranian Contemporary Photo Exhibition, Venice, Italy 2007

    The Dialogue of Poetry and Photography, Haft Honar Gallery, Tehran, 2007

    The Voice of Seeing, Speos Gallery, Paris, France, 2009

    Frameless Gallery Breakfast in Tehran 2011

    Freies Museum Berlin 2011


    Dialogue Among Civilizations International Contest, Selected Painter, 1999

    Best Photo Exhibition of the Year, Tehran 2000

    10th Biennale of Iranian Photography, Cubic Pathways selected as best collection in creative photography section, Tehran 2006


    The Indefinable Extent, collection of black & white photographs, Iranian Photographers, Tehran 2003

    From The Portrayals of the Broken Doors and Walls, Esfahan Museum of Contemporary Art, 2008

    Cubic Pathways, collection of photos, Nazar Publications, Tehran, to be released soon

    E-mail: mkoorangbeheshti@yahoo.com

    Cell: (+98) 0913 2000 171

  • Majid Korang Beheshti – Artwork Number 33
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